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Context-aware systems are pervading everyday life, therefore context modeling is becoming a relevant issue and an expanding research field. This survey has the goal to provide a comprehensive evaluation framework, allowing application designers to compare context models with respect to a given target application; in particular we stress the analysis of(More)
Common to all aCtors in today's information world is the problem of lowering the " information noise, " both reducing the amount of data to be stored and accessed, and enhancing the " precision " according to which the available data fit the application requirements. Thus, fitting data to the application needs is tantamount to fitting a dress to a person,(More)
—A declarative SQL-like language and a middleware infrastructure are presented for collecting data from different nodes of a pervasive system. Data management is performed by hiding the complexity due to the large underlying heterogeneity of devices, which can span from passive RFID(s) to ad-hoc sensor boards to portable computers. An important feature of(More)
Independent, heterogeneous, distributed, sometimes transient and mobile data sources produce an enormous amount of information that should be semantically integrated and filtered, or, as we say, tailored, based on the user's interests and context. Since both the user and the data sources can be mobile, and the communication might be unreliable, caching the(More)
The design of very small databases for smart cards and for portable embedded systems is deeply constrained by the peculiar features of the physical medium. We propose a joint approach to the logical and physical database design phases and evaluate several data structures with respect to the performance, power consumption, and endurance parameters of(More)
More and more often, we face the necessity of extracting appropriately reshaped knowledge from an integrated representation of the information space. Be such a global representation a central database, a global view of several ones or an ontological representation of an information domain, we face the need to define personalised views for the knowledge(More)
The design of a Data Base to be resident on portable devices and embedded processors for professional systems requires considering both the device memory peculiarities and the mobility aspects, which are an essential feature of the embedded applications. Moreover, these devices are often part of a larger Information System, comprising fixed and mobile(More)
The design and the development of multichannel information systems require new approaches, mainly based on the definition of adaptive behavior with the goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of solutions. In this paper, we show a simplified example of financial information system, where several services impose constraints. The approach we(More)
In a world of global networking, the increasing amount of heterogeneous information, available through a variety of channels, has made it difficult for users to find the right information at the right time and at the right level of detail. The knowledge of the context in which the data are used can support users in the process of focussing on currently(More)