Fabio A. D. de Oliveira

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This paper presents the design and implementation of DECK-SCI, a multithreaded communication library that fully exploits the high-performance capabilities of the SCI technology. We compare DECK-SCI, in terms of performance , to a commercially distributed MPI implementation and to a freely available MPICH distribution, both specifically designed for SCI(More)
— The SCI standard was proposed in 1992 to be a high performance bus for processor interconnection in multicomputers. With the growing popularity of cluster architectures, the standard was implemented in PCI cards and offered as a flexible an efficient alternative for the construction of parallel systems. After some initial difficulties, like(More)
This paper presents a performance evaluation of DECK (Distributed Execution and Communication Kernel), a multithreaded parallel programming environment for clusters of SMPs, with the parallel implementation of the classical Man-delbrot fractal generation and Laplace's Equation algorithms. The applications have been run on Myrinet and SCI clusters and the(More)
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