Fabienne Peter

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During the past 25 years, the capability approach, developed by Amartya Sen and Martha =ussbaum, has come to play a major role in political philosophy and normative economics. This approach has gained much support, among academics as Aell as among international agencies and nonBgovernmental organiCations, at the expense of competing resourcist and Aelfarist(More)
Suppose that you must make choices that may influence the well-being and the identities of the people who will exist, though not the number of people who will exist. How ought you to choose? This paper answers this question. It argues that the currency of distributive ethics in such cases is a combination of an individual's final well-being and her expected(More)
We consider a median voter model with uncertainty about how the economy functions. The distribution of income is exogenously given and the provision of a public good is financed through a proportional tax. Voters and politicians do not know the true production function for the public good, but by using Bayes rule they can learn from experience. We show that(More)
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