Fabienne Perren

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A distributed model of the human arterial tree including all main systemic arteries coupled to a heart model is developed. The one-dimensional (1-D) form of the momentum and continuity equations is solved numerically to obtain pressures and flows throughout the systemic arterial tree. Intimal shear is modeled using the Witzig-Womersley theory. A nonlinear(More)
Somatoparaphrenia is a delusional misidentification and confabulation of body parts, usually arm or hand, opposite to a cerebral lesion, generally of the “minor” right hemisphere. There is some controversy concerning lesion site (fronto-parietal; parieto-temporal; posterior insula, additional subcortical nuclei) or necessary associated symptoms(More)
A case is described of a patient who presented almost simultaneously the impression that his left arm was amputated and the feeling of the presence of his invisible Doppelgänger. While these body scheme disorders have both been described after (right) parietal lesions, a right frontal opercular ischaemic stroke was found in the neurological work up.(More)
The purpose of this study was to define a standardized multiplanar approach for transcranial ultrasound (US) imaging of brain parenchyma based on matched data from 3-D US and 3-D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The potential and limitations of multiple insonation planes in transverse and coronal orientation were evaluated for the visualization of(More)
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