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PURPOSE OF REVIEW Adrenal insufficiency in pregnancy, although relatively rare, has significant clinical implications on both maternal and fetal outcomes. Hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal axis dynamics and physiological changes are complex, thus diagnosis and management of adrenal insufficiency in pregnancy remain challenging. RECENT FINDINGS Studies(More)
We used a trochanteric slide osteotomy (TSO) in 94 consecutive revision total hip arthroplasties (90 with replacement of both the cup and stem). This technique proved to be adequate for removing the components, with few complications (two minor fractures), and for implanting acetabular allografts (18%) and reinforcement devices (23%). Trochanteric union was(More)
Weight gain and appetite regulation are complex interplays between internal and external cues. Our aim was to investigate the association of eating behaviors with ghrelin taking into account lifestyle. We conducted a cross-sectional analysis in a sample of first-year university students at the Université de Sherbrooke. We collected medical history,(More)
With the current push towards using fewer antipsychotics and more non-pharmacological interventions in long-term care, it has become increasingly important for knowledge and best-practice sharing across the province. The “Good Ideas” project began in 2001 in the context of my work as a Royal Ottawa geriatric psychiatry behavioural support outreach nurse to(More)
Silent corticotroph adenomas (SCAs) are clinically silent and non-secreting, but exhibit positive adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) immunostaining. We characterized a single center cohort of SCA patients, compared the SCAs to silent gonadotroph adenomas (SGAs), identified predictors of recurrence, and reviewed and compared the cohort to previously(More)
PURPOSE Study and comparison of characteristics of silent growth hormone adenomas (SGHA), silent corticotroph adenomas (SCA), and silent gonadotroph adenomas (SGA) in a single institution cohort of surgically treated pituitary adenomas. METHODS Retrospective analysis of SGHA surgically resected over 10 years: SGHA was defined as no clinical or biochemical(More)
Management of pituitary tumors is multidisciplinary, with medical therapy playing an increasingly important role. With the exception of prolactin-secreting tumors, surgery is still considered the first-line treatment for the majority of pituitary adenomas. However, medical/pharmacological therapy plays an important role in controlling hormone-producing(More)
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