Fabienne Karolak

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Lanthanum silicate oxyapatites, ion-conducting materials presenting a strong aversion against densification, have been obtained in the form of dense transparent ceramics, by combining the beneficial use of freeze-drying and spark plasma sintering methods.
A rich variety of single crystalline BaTiO3 (BT) nanostructures have been synthesized by two different routes using titanate nanorods and nanotubes as precursors. Free standing, mixed or agglomerated nanotori, solid or hollow nanospheres and nanocubes were obtained. A careful analysis of the shape evolution of the resulting BT nano-objects obtained with(More)
The pharmacokinetic profile of methohexital was studied in cirrhotic patients (n = 8), patients undergoing upper abdominal surgery (n = 8) and orthopaedic patients under general anaesthesia (n = 8). The total plasma clearance of methohexital was unchanged in cirrhotics: 54 +/- 22 l.h-1 (mean +/- s.d.) as well as in patients undergoing upper abdominal(More)
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