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Most studies on fracture morphology of fresh or dry bones, specifically skull bones, have a limited focus, and they are often based on observations rather than experimental tests. This study characterized pig cranial fractures sustained under known impact conditions. An impact machine (mobile carriage guided by columns) was used to perform a fracture on(More)
Removable dentures are always transient current. The epidemiology and causes of tooth gaps demonstrate the need to master the different prosthetic treatment. This made whether to propose treatment plans that take into account psychological, physiological and technical support for this patient. Different situations may arise. A gradual transition may be(More)
Bone substitutes, used to fill a defect after a surgery or a trauma, provide a mechanical support and might induce bone healing. They constitute an alternative to autogenous bone grafts, the 'gold standard' which remains the reference despite its risk of postoperative complications. The clinician choice of a bone substitute is based on the required bone(More)
Orthodontic needs to reply on a reliable anchoring as fixed as possible to ensure the best orthodontic movements. The orthodontic mini-screws provide a fixed anchorage for performing movements and treatments considered until then to be difficult or even impossible, particularly the treatment of ingression in the posterior area. The orthodontic anchorage(More)
INTRODUCTION Most composite resins release both bisphenol A (BPA), which disrupts the endocrine balance, and triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (TEGDMA), which has high risks for human health: eg, allergies and cytotoxicity. The aim of this study was to characterize monomers released from orthodontic adhesives. METHODS We studied samples of orthodontic(More)
Many studies show that the human microbiome plays a critical role in the chronic pathologies of obesity, inflammatory bowel diseases, and diabetes. More recently, the interaction between cancer and the microbiome has been highlighted. Most studies have focused on the gut microbiota because it represents the most extensive bacterial community, and the body(More)
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