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The lateral line of the zebrafish has many of the advantages that made the sensory organs of Drosophila a very productive model system: 1) it comprises a set of discrete sense organs (neuromasts) arranged in a defined, species-specific pattern, such that each organ can be individually recognized; 2) the neuromasts are superficial and easy to visualize, and(More)
The sensory organs of the embryonic lateral line system are deposited by migrating primordia that originate in the otic region. Here, we examine the pattern of cell proliferation in the posterior lateral line system. We conclude that three phases of cell proliferation are involved in the generation of this system, separated by two phases of mitotic(More)
We perform all-electron path integral Monte Carlo (PIMC) and density functional theory molecular dynamics (DFT-MD) calculations to explore warm dense matter states of oxygen. Our simulations cover a wide density-temperature range of 1-100 g cm(-3) and 10(4)-10(9) K. By combining results from PIMC and DFT-MD, we are able to compute pressures and internal(More)
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