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The Prismoid of Resources
We define a framework called the prismoid of resources where each vertex refines the ?-calculus by using a different choice to make explicit or implicit (meta-level) the definition of theExpand
Foundational Proof Certificates in First-Order Logic
We propose an approach to foundational proof certificates as a means of flexibly presenting proof evidence so that a relatively simple and universal proof checker can check that a certificate does, indeed, elaborate to a formal proof. Expand
Les ressources explicites vues par la théorie de la réécriture. (Explicit resources from the rewriting point of view)
Cette these s'articule autour de la gestion de ressources explicites dans les langages fonctionnels, en mettant l'accent sur des proprietes de calculs avec substitutions explicite raffinant le lambda-calcul. Expand
Nine-Coordinate Lanthanide Podates with Predetermined Structural and Electronic Properties: Facial Organization of Unsymmetrical Tridentate Binding Units by a Protonated Covalent Tripod
Three unsymmetrical tridentate pyridine-2,6-dicarboxamide binding units have been connected to the tris(2-(N-methyl)aminoethyl)amine tripod to give the podand L10 that exists as a statistical mixtureExpand
In Search for Mononuclear Helical Lanthanide Building Blocks with Predetermined Properties: Triple‐stranded Helical Complexes with N,N,N',N'‐tetraethylpyridine‐2,6‐dicarboxamide
The ligdnd N,N,N',N'-tetraethylpyridine- 2,6-dicarboxamide (Ly) reacts with trivalent lanthanide ions (Ln"') to give stable mononuclear triplestranded helical complexes [Ln(L9)J3 + (Ln = La toExpand
Stability and Size-Discriminating Effects in Mononuclear Lanthanide Triple-Helical Building Blocks with Tridentate Aromatic Ligands.
The planar aromatic tridentate ligand 2,6-bis(1-methylbenzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine (L(1)) reacts with Ln(III) (Ln = La-Lu) in acetonitrile to give the successive complexes [Ln(L(1))(n)()](3+) (n =Expand
In search for mononuclear helical lanthanide building blocks with predetermined properties: lanthanide complexes with diethyl pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylate
The ligand diethyl pyridine-2, 6-dicarboxylate (L5) reacts with LnIII in acetonitrile to successively give the complexes [Ln(L5)i]3+ (Ln = La to Lu, i = 1-3). Spectroscopic investigations (ES-MS,Expand
The first self-assembled trimetallic lanthanide helicate: different coordination sites in symmetrical molecular architectures.
A tris-tridentate segmental ligand has been designed for the self-assembly of homotrimetallic triple-stranded lanthanide helicates possessing different coordination sites along the threefold axis.
A Semantic Framework for Proof Evidence
Theorem provers produce evidence of proof in many different formats, such as proof scripts, natural deductions, resolution refutations, Herbrand expansions, and equational rewritings. Expand
Checking Foundational Proof Certificates for First-Order Logic (Extended Abstract)
We present the design philosophy of a proof checker based on a notion of foundational proof certificates. Expand