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In 2010, Miscanthus × giganteus rhizomes were collected from Belgian fields showing emergence reduction and were analyzed for detection and identification of fungal species. All rhizomes were infected by at least one Fusarium species, of which F. culmorum, F. miscanthi, F. crookwellense and F. graminearum were the most abundant. Results of the pathogenicity(More)
Heterogeneity of current terminals and networks leads to data transmission disturbances, particularly with multimedia flows. Dynamic adaptation is a de facto solution which enables users to exchange any datatype in an optimal way, in spite of various networks, terminals, applications, needs and preferences. Furthermore, we introduce global adaptation as an(More)
Lately, distributed applications have been improved with the emergence of a great number of different terminals and networks. Adaptability has become a common approach to solve heterogeneity problems involved by the use of multiple devices. Indeed, we have introduced global adaptation to improve merging adaptability with distributed applications. Global(More)
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