Fabien Parrain

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<i>This paper illustrates an approach to design and validation of heterogeneous systems. The emphasis is placed on devices which incorporate MEMS parts in either a single mixed-technology (CMOS</i> + <i>micromachining) SOC device, or alternatively as a hybrid system with the MEMS part in a separate chip. The design flow is general, and it is illustrated for(More)
Parametric amplification is an interesting way of artificially increasing a MEMS Quality factor and could be helpful in many kinds of applications. This paper presents a theoretical study of this principle, based on Matlab/Simulink® simulations, and proposes design guidelines for parametric structures. A new device designed with this approach is presented(More)
The preamplifier is a critical component of gyrometer's electronics. Indeed the resolution of the sensor is limited by its signal to noise ratio, and the gyrometer's thermal stability is limited by its gain drift. In this paper, five different kinds of preamplifiers are presented and compared. Finally, the design of an integrated preamplifier is shown in(More)
In this paper, an architecture designed for electrical measurement of the quality factor of MEMS resonators is proposed. An estimation of the measurement performance is made using PSPICE simulations taking into account the component's non-idealities. An error on the measured Q value of only several percent is achievable, at a small integration cost, for(More)
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