Fabien Michaut

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This work concerns the control, the observation and then, the implementation principles of a remote system (Master and Slave parts) through the Internet network. This communication link introduces variable delays that have to be taken into account in the control-observation loop. The data-sampling effects will also be considered, even in the aperiodic case.(More)
In recent years, there has been a strong interest in measuring the available bandwidth of network paths. Several methods and techniques have been proposed and various measurement tools have been developed and evaluated. However, there have been few comparative studies with regards to the actual performance of these tools. This paper presents a study of(More)
The Stylcam 100R, a rotary press simulator, was designed to simulate speed profiles of rotary tablet presses. Such a simulator was qualified by numerous laboratories and, actually, its ability to be used for studying the behaviour of powders under pressure should be examined. Then, the purpose of this work was to investigate the performances of the Stylcam(More)
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