Fabien Jalabert

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Oysters are permanently exposed to various microbes, and their defense system is continuously solicited to prevent accumulation of invading and pathogenic organisms. Therefore, impairment of the animal's defense system usually results in mass mortalities in cultured oyster stocks or increased bacterial loads in food products intended for human consumption.(More)
Catecholamines and pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC)-derived peptides, some of the central regulators of the stress-response systems of vertebrates, are also present in invertebrates. However, studies are needed to determine how these hormones participate in the organisation of neuroendocrine stress-response axes in invertebrates. Our present work provides(More)
In the research framework in meaning representation in NLP, we focus our attention on thematic aspects and conceptual vectors. This vectorial base is built upon a mor-phosyntactic analysis of several lexical resources to reduce isolated problems. Also a meaning is a cluster of definitions that are pointed by an Id number. To check the results of an(More)
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