Fabien Faivre

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We report here the optimization of an HldE kinase inhibitor to low nanomolar potency, which resulted in the identification of the first reported compounds active on selected E. coli strains. One of the most interesting candidates, compound 86, was shown to inhibit specifically bacterial LPS heptosylation on efflux pump deleted E. coli strains. This compound(More)
In this paper, we present some elements of our optimization program to decouple triclosan's specific FabI effect from its nonspecific cytotoxic component. The implementation of this strategy delivered highly specific, potent, and nonbiocidal new FabI inhibitors. We also disclose some preclinical data of one of their representatives, 83, a novel(More)
In this paper, we present different strategies to vectorize HldE kinase inhibitors with the goal to improve their gram-negative intracellular concentration. Syntheses and biological effects of siderophoric, aminoglycosidic, amphoteric, and polycationic vectors are discussed. While siderophoric and amphoteric vectorization efforts proved to be disappointing(More)
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