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Data sets from large-scale simulations (up to 501<sup>3</sup> grid points) of mantle convection are analyzed with volume rendering of the temperature field and a new critical point analysis of the velocity field. As the Rayleigh number <i>Ra</i> is increased the thermal field develops increasingly thin plume-like structures along which heat is convected.(More)
The thermal conductivity of mantle materials has two components, the lattice component k lat from phonons and the radiative component k rad due to photons. These two contributions of variable thermal conductivity have a nonlin-ear dependence in the temperature, thus endowing the temperature equation in mantle convection with a strongly non-linear character.(More)
[1] Core formation, crystal/melt separation, mingling of immiscible magmas, and diapirism are fundamental geological processes that involve differential motions driven by gravity. Diffusion modifies the composition or/and temperature of the considered phases while they travel. Solid particles, liquid drops and viscous diapirs equilibrate while(More)
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