Fabien Dubuffet

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The thermal conductivity of mantle materials has two components, the lattice component klat from phonons and the radiative component krad due to photons. These two contributions of variable thermal conductivity have a nonlinear dependence in the temperature, thus endowing the temperature equation in mantle convection with a strongly nonlinear character. The(More)
Data sets from large-scale simulations (up to 501<sup>3</sup> grid points) of mantle convection are analyzed with volume rendering of the temperature field and a new critical point analysis of the velocity field. As the Rayleigh number <i>Ra</i> is increased the thermal field develops increasingly thin plume-like structures along which heat is convected.(More)
This paper describes the issues related to using handheld devices to interrogate wirelessly large-scale geophysical data over the web using a client-server configuration. A modification of our current web-based data interrogation program addresses specifically the limitations of current handheld devices with wireless access, such as processor speed, screen(More)
[1] Core formation, crystal/melt separation, mingling of immiscible magmas, and diapirism are fundamental geological processes that involve differential motions driven by gravity. Diffusion modifies the composition or/and temperature of the considered phases while they travel. Solid particles, liquid drops and viscous diapirs equilibrate while(More)
THE EVOLUTION OF THE ATMOSPHERE. C. Quantin, R. A. Craddock, F. Dubuffet, L. Lozac'h, M. Martineau, 1 Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon Terre, Planètes, Environnement (CNRS-ENS Lyon-Université lyon1), ERC eMars Team, 2 rue Raphaël Dubois 69622 Villeurbanne Cedex, France, 2 Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian(More)
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