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3DVLSI with CoolCube process: An alternative path to scaling
3D VLSI with a CoolCube™ integration allows vertically stacking several layers of devices with a unique connecting via density above a million/mm2. This results in increased density with no extraExpand
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A comprehensive study of Monolithic 3D cell on cell design using commercial 2D tool
In this paper we present a methodology allowing an emulated-3D two tiers physical implementation of any design using 2D commercial tools. Expand
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First demonstration of a CMOS over CMOS 3D VLSI CoolCube™ integration on 300mm wafers
For the first time, a full 3D CMOS over CMOS CoolCube™ integration is demonstrated with a top level compatible with state of the art high performance FDSOI (Fully-Depleted Silicon On Insulator)Expand
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3D sequential integration opportunities and technology optimization
Compared with TSV-based 3D ICs, monolithic or sequential 3D ICs presents “true” benefits of going to the vertical dimension as the stacked layers can be connected at the transistor scale. The highExpand
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New insights on bottom layer thermal stability and laser annealing promises for high performance 3D VLSI
For the first time the maximum thermal budget of in-situ doped source/drain State Of The Art (SOTA) FDSOI bottom MOSFET transistors is quantified to ensure transistors stability in Sequential 3DExpand
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Monolithic 3D integration: A powerful alternative to classical 2D scaling
Monolithic or sequential 3D Integration is a powerful technological enabler for actual 3D IC design as the stacked layers can be connected at the transistor scale. This paper reviews theExpand
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(Invited) Direct Bonding: A Key Enabler for 3D Monolithic Integration
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Key process steps for high performance and reliable 3D Sequential Integration
This work provides breakthroughs in key technological modules for high performance and reliable 3D Sequential Integration with intermediate BEOL (iBEOL) in-between tiers. We demonstrate that (i) aExpand
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3D Sequential Integration: Application-driven technological achievements and guidelines
3D Sequential Integration (3DSI) with ultra-small 3D contact pitch (<100nm) offers new 3D partitioning options at fine granularities. This paper reviews potential applications ranging from computingExpand
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FDSOI bottom MOSFETs stability versus top transistor thermal budget featuring 3D monolithic integration
Abstract To set up specification for 3D monolithic integration, for the first time, the thermal stability of state-of-the-art FDSOI (Fully Depleted SOI) transistors electrical performance isExpand
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