Fabien Delestre

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Intravascular malignant lymphomatosis (IML), so-called malignant angioendotheliomatosis, was found in lumbosacral spinal cord and nerve roots of a 78-year-old women who died one month after the onset of symptoms. With regard to the majority of the 37 reviewed neurological cases in the literature, this report is unusual in that the disease was exclusively(More)
Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEPs) to electrical stimulation of the right and the left median nerves were studied in a patient with a pontine lesion. At first there was mainly right medial lemniscus involvement. Four months later the left medial lemniscus was found to be also involved. SEPs to stimulation of the right median nerve had normal wave forms(More)
PURPOSE The capillary leak syndrome (CLS) is a rare condition characterized by the onset of hypotension, edema, hemoconcentration and hypoalbuminemia. CLS can be idiopathic (Clarkson's disease) or secondary to various conditions and treatments. Here, we review the clinical and biological features, pathophysiology, causes and treatment of this rare(More)
This paper describes a channel estimation scheme for Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO)-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems based on training sequence. We first develop an approach to channel estimation which is crucial for the decoding of the transmitted data. We then discuss the implementation of the proposed method for WiMax(More)
Most of the previous works on distributed space-time coding assume that there is no direct link between the source and the destination, which means that the source is not actively involved in cooperation. In order to present the benefits that can be extracted when the source is actively involved in cooperation, we propose a source-assisting (SA) strategy(More)
Phytosterols/stanols (PS) enriched food products have been shown to consistently lower plasma cholesterol levels. The intake of 2g/d of PS decreases LDL-cholesterol by about 10%. With respect to the association of LDL-cholesterol lowering with reduction in the cardiovascular (CV) risk, it is likely that supplementation in PS reduces the incidence of CV(More)
12 cases of polyneuropathy with IgM monoclonal gammapathy are reported. An analysis of the clinical, electrophysiological, histological and immunological features of these cases and of those reported in the literature allows to distinguish 2 groups. In the first group (8./12 cases), the neuropathy showed clinical and electrophysiological features of a(More)
This paper introduces a computationally efficient pilot aided channel estimation method for space-frequency block coding (SFBC) Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) systems under frequency selective channels. The proposed method, simulated under WiMax requirements, is based on the use of eight pilots defined in the standard to estimate the(More)