Fabien Coelho

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High Performance Fortran (hpf) was developed to support data parallel programming for simd and mimd machines with distributed memory. The programmer is provided a familiar uniform logical address space and speci es the data distribution by directives. The compiler then exploits these directives to allocate arrays in the local memories, to assign(More)
Modular static analyzers use procedure abstractions, a.k.a. summarizations, to ensure that their execution time increases linearly with the size of analyzed programs. A similar abstraction mechanism is also used within a procedure to perform a bottom-up analysis. For instance, a sequence of instructions is abstracted by combining the abstractions of its(More)
We present an automatic, static program transformation that schedules and generates e cient memory transfers between a computer host and its hardware accelerator, addressing a well-known performance bottleneck. Our automatic approach uses two simple heuristics: to perform transfers to the accelerator as early as possible and to delay transfers back from the(More)
Parallel and heterogeneous computing are growing in audience thanks to the increased performance brought by ubiquitous manycores and GPUs. However, available programming models, like OPENCL or CUDA, are far from being straightforward to use. As a consequence, several automated or semi-automated approaches have been proposed to automatically generate(More)
This paper provides both theoretical and experimental evidence for the existence of an Energy/Frequency Convexity Rule, which relates energy consumption and CPU frequency on mobile devices. We monitored a typical smartphone running a specific computing-intensive kernel of multiple nested loops written in C using a high-resolution power gauge. Data gathered(More)
Algebraic properties such as associativity or distributivity allow the manipulation of a set of mathematically equivalent expressions. However, as shown in this paper, the cost of evaluating such expressions on a computer is not constant within this domain. We suggest the use of algebraic transformations to improve the performance of computationally(More)
Proof-of-work schemes are economic measures to deter denial-of-service attacks: service requesters compute moderately hard functions the results of which are easy to check by the provider. We present such a new scheme for solution-verification protocols. Although most schemes to date are probabilistic unbounded iterative processes with high variance of the(More)
Résumé La première utilisation de polyèdres pour résoudre un problème de compilation, la parallélisation automatique de boucles en présence d’appels de procédure, a été décrite et implémenté il y a près de trente ans. Le modèle polyédrique est maintenant reconnu internationalement et est en phase d’intégration dans le compilateur GCC, bien que la complexité(More)