Fabien Barbier

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A structural profile-based computational screen was used to identify neuropoietin (NP), a new cytokine. The np gene is localized in tandem with the cardiotrophin-1 gene on mouse chromosome 7. NP shares structural and functional features with ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF), cardiotrophin-1, and cardiotrophin-like cytokine. It acts through a membrane(More)
We determined the iron, zinc, selenium, rubidium, and cesium concentrations in serum and packed blood cells by instrumental neutron activation analysis without chemical separations. Lyophilized samples were irradiated for 12 days at a flux of 10(13) neutrons-cm-2-s-1, mineralized by wet digestion, and measured two times with a high-resolution Ge(Li)(More)
Trace-element levels estimated by different investigators are often disparate. It is becoming increasingly evident that sample contamination may explain some of the discrepancies. A method has been developed for the direct estimation of potential errors. This shows that extraneous additions occurring during sample collection and preparation may give rise to(More)
Manganese, copper, and zinc concentrations were determined in serum and packed blood cells of normal controls, patients with acute and chronic (persistent or aggressive) hepatitis, and cases of postnecrotic cirrhosis. During the active phase of acute hepatitis, serum manganese concentrations are invariably increased; the difterence between the mean value(More)
During a period of 24 months 693 consecutive patients with symptomatic gall bladder stones (526 males, 167 females; mean age 51 years, range 18-89) were treated by extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy with a Piezolith 2300. The procedure was carried out on an out-patient basis without analgesics or sedatives. Concomitant chemolitholytic treatment(More)