Fabien Badariotti

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Despite their physiological significance in immune and growth-controlling processes in plants and animals, no chitinolytic enzyme has been identified yet at the molecular level in Lophotrochozoa, one(More)
Glycoside hydrolase family 18 (GH18) includes chitinases and non-enzymatic chitinase-like proteins (CLPs) with representatives among eukaryotes (animals and plants), prokaryotes and viruses. In(More)
Members of chitinase-like proteins (CLPs) have attracted much attention because of their ability to promote cell proliferation in insects (imaginal disc growth factors) and mammals (YKL-40). To gain(More)
Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) members represent a widespread protein superfamily in the animal kingdom, but few members have been characterised in lophotrochozoans, a major clade of(More)
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