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1 Introduction The Web has become a major conduit to information repositories of all kinds. Today, more than 80% of information published on the Web is generated by underlying databases (however access is granted through a Web gateway using forms as a query language and HTML as a display vehicle) and this proportion keeps increasing. But Web data sources(More)
The Web so far has been incredibly successful at delivering information to human users. So successful actually, that there is now an urgent need to go beyond a browsing human and make information accessible to applications, in order to offer automation, inter-operation and Web-awareness among services. To do so, information from Web sources needs to be(More)
In this paper, we present the W4F toolkit for the generation of wrappers for Web sources. W4F consists of a retrieval language to identify Web sources, a declarative extraction language (the HTML Extraction Language) to express robust extraction rules and a mapping interface to export the extracted information into some user-deened data-structures. To(More)
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