Fabien A. P. Petitcolas

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In the last few years, a large number of schemes have been proposed for hiding copyright marks and other information in digital pictures, video, audio and other multimedia objects. We describe some contenders that have appeared in the research literature and in the field; we then present a number of attacks that enable the information hidden by them to be(More)
In this paper, we clarify what steganography is and what it can do. We contrast it with the related disciplines of cryptography and traffic security, present a unified terminology agreed at the first international workshop on the subject, and outline a number of approaches—many of them developed to hide encrypted copyright marks or serial numbers in digital(More)
In this paper we will briefly present the architecture of a public automated evaluation service we are developing for still images, sound and video. We will also detail new tests that will be included in this platform. The set of tests is related to audio data and addresses the usual equalisation and normalisation but also time stretching, pitch shifting(More)
One of the main problems, which darkens the future of digital watermarking technologies, is the lack of detailed evaluation of existing marking schemes. This lack of benchmarking of current algorithms is blatant and confuses rights holders as well as software and hardware manufacturers and prevents them from using the solution appropriate to their needs.(More)
Since the early 90's a number of papers on \robust" digital watermarking systems have been presented but none of them uses the same robustness criteria. This is not practical at all for comparison and slows down progress in this area. To address this issue, we present an evaluation procedure of image watermarking systems. First we identify all necessary(More)
Billions of dollars allegedly lost to piracy of multimedia content have recently triggered the industry to rethink the way music and films are distributed on the Internet. As encryption is vulnerable to digital or analog re-recording, currently almost all copyright protection mechanisms rely to a certain extent on watermarking. A watermark is an(More)