Fabiano de Sousa Chaves

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This paper proposes a distributed power control framework for wireless communication networks that is able to provide a flexible QoS with the introduction of a dynamic target QoS into a conventional (fixed) target tracking power control algorithm. The target QoS of individual terminals is automatically updated according to a given performance criterion. The(More)
Emerging wireless communication networks are required to provide data services which tolerate large variations of link quality. Such applications allow flexible power control procedures. In this paper, we approach the distributed power control problem from an automatic control point of view. A new framework for opportunistic power control is proposed, where(More)
The Bayesian equalizer is implementable by a proper employment of a radial basis function (RBF) neural network, with the inverse filtering problem posed as a classification problem. The proposed approach allows that the transmission of information and the RBF training be accomplished in a simultaneous and uninterrupted way. Moreover, the channel estimation(More)
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