Fabiano de S. Chaves

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The recent development of regulatory policies that permit the use of TV bands spectrum on a secondary basis has motivated discussion about coexistence of primary (e.g. TV broadcasts) and secondary users (e.g. WiFi users in TV spectrum). However, much less attention has been given to coexistence of different secondary wireless technologies in the TV white(More)
This paper presents the study of the Access Selection (AS) problem in a multi-access wireless network. The contributions of this paper could be classified in two groups. Firstly, we extend previous investigations in terms of performance results, regarding a system-level dynamic evaluation. Performance indicators like coverage, SNR, rate and offered traffic(More)
Most distributed power control algorithms have been proposed assuming constant interference and constant path gain. These considerations may result in lower performance gains in fast time-varying channel conditions. The algorithm presented herein addresses this problem efficiently and it is based on a simple prediction method, utilizing Taylor’s Series. In(More)
Transmitter power control is an essential tool for managing the interference in a system constituted by a set of communications nodes. In the absence of a central controller, the decentralized power control is of special interest and may be characterized as a competition among the communication nodes. This indicates the adequacy of the application of(More)