Fabiano Hessel

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Measurement of health care costs is a crucial task in health economic evaluation. Various guidelines with different amount of details have been set up for costing methods in economic evaluation which, however, do not precisely stipulate how to value resource consumption. In this article we present a proposal for the standardisation of the monetary valuation(More)
Multilanguage solutions are required for the design of heterogeneous systems where different parts belong to different application classes e.g. control/data or continuous/discrete. me main problem that needs to be solved when dealing with multilanguage design is the refinement of communication between heterogeneous subsystems. This paper discusses the basic(More)
Complex applications implemented as Systems on Chip (SoCs) demand extensive use of system level modeling and validation. Their implementation gathers a large number of complex IP cores and advanced interconnection schemes, such as hierarchical bus architectures or networks on chip (NoCs). Modeling applications involves capturing its computation and(More)
Transaction level (TL) modeling is regarded today as the next step in the direction of complex integrated circuits and systems design entry. This means that as this modeling level definition evolves, automated synthesis tools will increasingly support it, allowing design capture to start at a higher abstraction level than today. This work presents a(More)
PURPOSE Costs of productivity loss for the Federal Republic of Germany attributable to smoking in 1999 was to be determined. METHODS Mortality and morbidity attributable to smoking is determined by a 0.5 % sample of the smoking behaviour of the German population (microcensus 1999) and the relative mortality risks of smokers (US-American cancer prevention(More)
Based on the German Hepatitis C Model (GEHMO) we developed a Hepatitis C Policy Model and applied it to the heterogeneous German hepatitis C population within the German health care context. We used Markov cohort simulation to predict absolute clinical and economic outcomes for a 20-year time horizon. For the cost-effectiveness analysis, a lifelong time(More)
In order to enhance performance and improve predictability of the real time systems, implementing some critical operating system functionalities, like time management and task scheduling, in software and others in hardware is an interesting approach. Scheduling decision for real-time embedded software applications is an important problem in real-time(More)