Fabiane Queiroz

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In deblurring an image, we seek to recover the original sharp image. However, without knowledge of the blurring process, we cannot expect to recover the image perfectly. We propose a deblurring method of a single-image where the blur kernel is directly estimated from highlight spots or streaks with high intensity value. These highlighted points can be(More)
The Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) is defined as a set of complex disorders that affect the brain and accompany the individual throughout the life. Through the consolidation of current technologies in support of setting treatment and focus on education in the autistic universe, we propose an evaluation and a discussion of a(More)
Colorization and illumination are key processes for creating animated cartoons. Computer assisted methods have been incorporated in animation/illustration systems to reduce the artists' workload. This paper presents a new method for illumination and colorization of 2D drawings based on a region- tree representation. Starting from a hand-drawn cartoon, the(More)
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