Fabiana Soares Santana

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The purpose of Sustainable Design, SD, is to satisfy customer needs while reducing environmental impacts. The main challenge is to integrate Life Cycle Assessment, Product Service Systems, social and economic aspects while considering the tensions and trade-offs of each activity in depth. SD requires data from many sources in addition to many software tools(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Reference process Digital image processing Machine learning Bee wing classification Taxonomic classification Pollinators play a key role in biodiversity conservation, since they provide vital services to both natural ecosystems and agriculture. In particular, bees are excellent pollinators; therefore, their mapping,(More)
2 points layers model Purpose: – Generate species geographic distribution models – Based on ecological niche concepts – Defined by species survival conditions – Describe probabilistic distributions of species – Can be projected onto a map of the study region
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