Fabiana S. B. Perez

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Since the 1990s several large companies have been publishing nonfinancial performance reports. Focusing initially on the physical environment, these reports evolved to consider social relations, as well as data on the firm's economic performance. A few mining companies pioneered this trend, and in the last years some of them incorporated the three(More)
Morocco has reported important achievements in coverage for mother and child healthcare services. Nevertheless, client-use and quality of antenatal care (ANC) services need to be improved. The aim was to identify factors related to the use of ANC services through a cross-sectional survey among women attending an urban maternity hospital in Fès. We describe(More)
This work evaluates the effectiveness of a new type of electrode for functional electrical stimulation of the perineal muscle in women and in men. The new electrode is shaped like a pen, with an active stimulation electrode located on its tip. The goals of the study are to (i) demonstrate that stimulation using the new device results in increased muscle(More)
15 healthy men (26.6 ± 4.6 years old, weight of 70.7 ± 8.6 kg, and height of 1.750 ± 0.072 m) performed three 30-seconds isometric contractions at 60% MVC, with two 10-seconds resting intervals between them. The goal was to study the effect of the resting intervals on the variables that are most commonly used to analyze surface electromyographic (S-EMG)(More)
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