Fabiana R. Gonçalves e Silva

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We describe the La Mascota twinning programme between La Mascota paediatric hospital in Managua, Nicaragua, and hospitals in Monza and Milan, Italy, and Bellinzona, Switzerland. The programme was based on the belief that an attempt to reduce the gap in mortality from cancer in childhood between developed and less developed countries should become an(More)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Institute of Molecular and Biological Chemistry, BCH, CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland, Departamento de Quı́mica Fundamental-UFPE, 50740-540 Recife, PE-Brazil, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UniVersity of Bern, CH-3000 Bern 9, Switzerland, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, UniVersity of GeneVa, CH-1211(More)
A progressive development of the application of in situ methodology to ultrastructural procedures has resulted in the ability to detect individual molecules of mRNA with high probability. Beginning with whole-mount cells and then developing myotubes, both in culture and detergent extracted before fixation, we were able to progress to methods which allow(More)
Do parents’ inaccurate beliefs about their children’s academic skills distort investments in education? I analyze a field experiment conducted in Malawi and find that, at baseline, parents try to tailor their educational investments to their children’s academic level, but their inaccurate beliefs prevent them from doing so. Providing parents with(More)
This work describes a rational planning of a new light-conversion molecular device with high quantum yield. For this, we made modifications in the 3-amino-2-carboxypyridine and 3-amino-2-carboxypirazine acid ligands, generating eight different complexes. Theoretical methods have been used to calculate the quantum yield of each of the complexes. We first(More)
This article aims to document the use of multisensory stimulation environments and its related perceptions, concerning ludic content, play and the computer-mediated ludic activity, from the perspective of professionals organizing and delivering therapeutic activities in these spaces with children with developmental disabilities, in Portugal. Face-to-face(More)
Theories of the structure of political belief systems typically conceive of them as networks of interrelated opinions, in which some beliefs are central and others are derived from these more fundamental positions. In this paper, we formally show how such structural features can be used to construct measures of belief centrality that are based on direct(More)
INTRODUCTION Few interventions have evaluated the influence of parent health literacy (HL) status on weight-related child outcomes. This study explores how parent HL affects the reach, attendance, and retention of and outcomes in a 3-month multicomponent family-based program to treat childhood obesity (iChoose). METHODS This pre-post, quasiexperimental(More)
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