Fabiana Freire Mendes de Oliveira

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Paracoccidioides lutzii, formerly known as 'Pb01-like' strains in the P. brasiliensis complex, is proposed as a new species based on phylogenetic and comparative genomics data, recombination analysis, and morphological characteristics. Conidia of P. lutzii are elongated, different from those of P. brasiliensis. P. lutzii occurs in the central and northern(More)
Nowadays there are many sun-protection cosmetics incorporating chemical and/or physical UV filters as active ingredients and there are no official methods to determine these kinds of compounds in sunscreen cosmetics. The objective of this work is to estimate TiO(2) concentration, without sample preparation, employing a portable energy dispersive X-ray(More)
On the Southeastern coast of Brazil the presence of many archaeological shellmounds offers a great potential for studying the radiocarbon marine reservoir effect (MRE). However, very few such studies are available for this region. These archaeological settlements, mostly dating from 5 to 2 kyr cal BP, include both terrestrial and marine remains in good(More)
In Brazilian archaeological shellmounds, many species of land snails are found abundantly distributed throughout the occupational layers, forming a contextualized set of samples within the sites and offering a potential alternative to the use of charcoal for radiocarbon dating analyses. In order to confirm the effectiveness of this alternative, one needs to(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze the frequency of binge eating disorder (BED) and of the main psychiatric disorders associated with morbid obesity in individuals on the waiting list for bariatric surgery. METHOD Cross sectional study. Interviews with patients from the Surgery for Obesity Program of Oswaldo Cruz University Hospital were conducted evaluating(More)
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