Fabiana Bononi do Carmo

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This study aimed to identify the prevalence of renal abnormalities and the evolution of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) among human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)- infected children and adolescents followed up in an infectious disease outpatient pediatric clinic. We performed a cohort study of 115 children and adolescents. Outcomes of two evaluations for(More)
This study explored the experiences of the first generation of adolescents who acquired HIV through vertical transmission when disclosing their diagnosis to friends and romantic partners. The study sample was selected by convenience, with 20 patients (13-20 years old) participating in a qualitative investigation using individual interviews (language:(More)
Human endogenous retroviruses of the K family (HERV-K) are among the most recently integrated retroviruses in the human genome. HERV-K mRNA can be detected in normal tissues, but its expression is remarkably enhanced in HIV-1 infected patients due to HIV-Tat induction. Additionally, HERV-K activity stimulates both humoral and cellular responses, suggesting(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess possible factors associated with the loss of antibodies to hepatitis A 7 years after the primary immunization in children of HIV-infected mothers and the response to revaccination in patients seronegative for hepatitis A. METHODS Quantification of HAV antibodies by electrochemiluminescence was performed in 39 adolescents followed up at(More)
OBJECTIVE To alert the pediatrician who is following up HIV-infected patients about the possibility of non-cirrhotic portal hypertension (NCPH) in this period of life, in order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of this disease as bleeding esophageal varices. CASE DESCRIPTION A 13 years old HIV-infected patient by vertical route was receiving(More)
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