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rabbit antilymphocyte globulin. Clin Chem 1998;44:1980–5. 7. Klee GG. Human anti-mouse antibodies. Arch Pathol Lab Med 2000;124: 921–3. 8. Bernhisel-Broadbent J, Yolken RH, Sampson HA. Allergenicity of orally administered immunoglobulin preparations in food-allergic children. Pediatrics 1991;87:208–14. 9. Rifai N, Ridker PM. Proposed cardiovascular risk(More)
Thanks to its typical expression, haemophilia can be identified in writings from the second century AD. Haemophilia B, an X-linked recessive bleeding disorder due to factor IX (FIX) deficiency, has an incidence of about 1:30,000 live male births. The factor 9 (F9) gene was mapped in 1984 on Xq27.1. Haemophilia is diagnosed from prothrombin time, activated(More)
(3.9)%, 0.2 (13)%, and 0.8 (9.6)% for renal, heart, lung cystic fibrosis, and lung non-cystic fibrosis transplant patients, respectively] and good precision (root mean squared error, 1.1–5.7%). The calculated RCE values at each studied sampling time for each profile for the five different populations are shown in Fig. 1. For each transplant patient,(More)
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