Fabiana Allevi

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PURPOSE To report our experience on lid reconstruction in patients with epitheliomas. METHODS A total of 41 consecutive patients affected by basal cell (n=32) or squamous cell carcinoma (n=9) underwent partial (n=35) or total (n=6) surgical demolition of the lower lid. Surgical defects<25% (n=10) received direct closure. If the defect involved 30-60% of(More)
We present a rare case of a 47-year-old woman admitted to our maxillofacial surgery department for a large cervicofacial venous malformation. The patient underwent fluoroscopy-guided intralesional foam sclerotherapy with sodium tetradecyl sulfate and air under general anaesthesia. On awakening, after 48 h of endotracheal intubation, she displayed dysarthria(More)
Retrobulbar hemorrhage (RBH) is an uncommon complication of endoscopic sinus surgery or periorbital surgery consisting in an accumulation of blood within the orbit posteriorly to the eyeball. It must be treated within 90-100 minutes to avoid irreversible visual loss. The present paper tries to pinpoint the key steps in diagnosis and treatment of RBM.On the(More)
Congenital disease, major trauma, tumour resection and biphosphonate-related osteonecrosis can lead to partial, subtotal, or total loss of the mandibular bone. Minor defects can be easily reconstructed using bone grafts, whereas microvascular free tissue transfer may be unavoidable in the case of major bone loss or poor quality of soft tissue. Simple bone(More)
PURPOSE Starting from our experience with 45 consecutive cases of regional pedicled flaps, we have underlined the effectiveness and reliability of a variety of flaps. The marketing laws as applied to surgical innovations are reviewed to help in the understanding of why regional flaps are regaining wide popularity in head and neck reconstruction. MATERIALS(More)
Warthin's tumour is the second most common benign neoplasm to affect the salivary glands. It virtually affects the sole parotid gland. A sudden increase in a tumour's size is usually due to a malignant transformation of the tumour. The transformation of the lymphoid stroma into malignant lymphoma is relatively common, while an epithelial malignancy is(More)
'Clown nose' (CN) is the common medical term referring to a reddish-brown bulge involving the tip of the nose, reminding of a clown's fake red nose. Reports about these tumours are scarce. Most reports refer to metastatic skin manifestation of systemic malignancies: this condition has been rarely described as a primary skin neoplasm. We report a case of a(More)
Arteriovenous malformations (AVMs) are high-flow vascular malformations characterised by a complex vessel network directly connecting feeding arteries and draining veins, typically featured by a natural history of progression, while spontaneous regressions are purely anecdotal. AVMs are very aggressive entities that possess a locally infiltrative behaviour(More)
The lingual nerve may be injured during oral procedures, usually during extraction of lower third molars. Patients often complain of numbness of the hemitongue postoperatively. If this persists for 3 months or more, microsurgical exploration and reconstruction of the lingual nerve is required, and better outcomes are achieved after early repair. After 18-24(More)
AIM Patients affected by unilateral facial palsy often show partial or complete atrophy of the orbicularis oris. The lower hemilip on the affected side may have partial functional recover due to direct reinnervation stemming from the unaffected side. This explains why atrophy of the paralysed side is sometimes limited. Negative esthetic and functional(More)