Fabian Wucholt

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—Accurate, accessible, and realtime information on the number, location, and medical condition of patients are critical for the successful management of mass casualty incidents (MCIs), where the number of patients exceeds the capacity of the emergency management service (EMS). We present a concept of a collaborative infrastructure which generates a common(More)
Handling highly dynamic scenarios as they arise in mass casualty incident (MCI) situations requires lots of information about the situation and an extremely usable display of IT based supporting systems that can assist in managing the incident. The rescue workers have to interact effectively with IT based rescue management support systems (IT-RMSS) in order(More)
Es wird ein kulturanalytischer Ansatz vorgestellt, der die Einbindung zukünftiger Nutzer in den Entwicklungsprozess eines mobilen Endgerätes zur Kommunikation in Großschadenslagen garantiert. Am Beispiel der Polizei in Deutschland werden Ergebnisse der Kulturanalyse abgeleitet, die in direkten Implikationen für die Gestaltung einer technischen Lösung(More)
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