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A 58 year old man, with systemic lupus erythematosus, developed septic arthritis due to an atypical mycobacterium, M. avium. The patient's course, as well as 46 cases reviewed from the literature, illustrates the insidious nature of atypical mycobacterial infections. Septic arthritis or peri-arthritis was generally not suspected at initial evaluation,(More)
CAPTCHAs are automated tests to tell computers and humans apart. They are designed to be easily solvable by humans, but unsolvable by machines. With Convolutional Neural Networks these tests can also be solved automatically. However, the strength of CNNs relies on the training data that the classifier is learnt on and especially on the size of the training(More)
Isolation studies for bacterial and parasitic agents were carried out on stool specimens from Vietnamese infants at the time of their mass airlift to the United States. One or more bacterial pathogens were found in 49% of the 367 stool specimens cultured. The isolates included enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (161), Shigella (16), Salmonella (15), but no(More)
According to [2], in this paper we discuss a new method to match two 3D shapes in a geometrically consistent way. We understand a matching as a diffemorphism and want to find the matching that minimizes the physical energy that is necessary to deform one shape into the other. Because of the fact that diffeomorphisms can be completely characterized by their(More)