Fabian Spill

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In this paper we investigate the algebraic structure of AdS/CFT in the strong-coupling limit. We propose an expression for the classical r-matrix with (deformed) u(2|2) symmetry, which leads to a quasi-triangular Lie bialgebra as the underlying symmetry algebra. On the fundamental representation our r-matrix coincides with the classical limit of the quantum(More)
We formulate the Hopf algebra underlying the su(2|2) worldsheet S-matrix of the AdS 5 × S 5 string in the AdS/CFT correspondence. For this we extend the previous construction in the su(1|2) subsector due to Janik to the full algebra by specifying the action of the coproduct and the antipode on the remaining generators. The nontriviality of the coproduct is(More)
In this paper we derive the universal R-matrix for the Yangian Y(u(2|2)), which is an abstract algebraic object leading to rational solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation on representations. We find that on the fundamental representation the universal R-matrix reduces to the standard rational R-matrix R = R 0 1 + 1 u P , where the scalar prefactor is(More)
Reaction-diffusion models are used to describe systems in fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, ecology and biology. The fundamental quantities in such models are individual entities such as atoms and molecules, bacteria, cells or animals, which move and/or react in a stochastic manner. If the number of entities is large, accounting for each individual(More)
Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing ones in response to chemical signals secreted by, for example, a wound or a tumour. In this paper, we propose a mesoscopic lattice-based model of angiogenesis, in which processes that include proliferation and cell movement are considered as stochastic events. By studying the dependence of(More)
Models invoking the chemical master equation are used in many areas of science, and, hence, their simulation is of interest to many researchers. The complexity of the problems at hand often requires considerable computational power, so a large number of algorithms have been developed to speed up simulations. However, a drawback of many of these algorithms(More)
We analyse the effect of intrinsic fluctuations on the properties of bistable stochastic systems with time scale separation operating under quasi-steady state conditions. We first formulate a stochastic generalisation of the quasi-steady state approximation based on the semi-classical approximation of the partial differential equation for the generating(More)
In cell proliferation, stem cell differentiation, chemoresistance, and tissue organization, the ubiquitous role of YAP/TAZ continues to impact our fundamental understanding in numerous physiological and disease systems. YAP/TAZ is an important signaling nexus integrating diverse mechanical and biochemical signals, such as ECM stiffness, adhesion ligand(More)
We propose a modelling framework to analyse the stochastic behaviour of heterogeneous, multi-scale cellular populations. We illustrate our methodology with a particular example in which we study a population with an oxygen-regulated proliferation rate. Our formulation is based on an age-dependent stochastic process. Cells within the population are(More)