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OBJECTIVE The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has recently established a worldwide consensus definition of the metabolic syndrome. No prospective data are available on the cardiovascular risk associated with this new metabolic syndrome definition. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In a prospective study of 750 coronary patients, we recorded vascular(More)
AIMS The prevalence of post-challenge hyperglycaemia in coronary patients is high. Until now, it is unclear whether post-challenge hyperglycaemia is associated with an increased risk for future macrovascular events in this clinically important patient population. METHODS AND RESULTS We enrolled 1040 patients undergoing coronary angiography for the(More)
PURPOSE The goal of this study was to identify mutations in X-chromosomal genes associated with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) in patients from Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, and Switzerland. METHODS In addition to all coding exons of RP2, exons 1 through 15, 9a, ORF15, 15a and 15b of RPGR were screened for mutations. PCR products were amplified from(More)
PURPOSE The majority of patients with X chromosome-linked retinitis pigmentosa (XlRP) carry mutations in the RPGR gene. The authors studied whether patients with RPGR mutations show additional splice defects that may interfere with RPGR properties. METHODS Patient-derived cell lines with RPGR mutations were raised in suspension. To verify mutations,(More)
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