Fabian Scheler

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Low molecular weight (LMW) heparin has been compared to standard unfractionated (UF) heparin in hemodialysis/hemofiltration in a 12 month, randomized study. Seventy patients with end-stage chronic renal failure starting dialysis treatment were randomly assigned to one of two groups treated with either LMW or UF heparin. The LMW and UF heparin doses used(More)
Nearly ten years after its first presentation and five years after its first application to operating systems, the suitability of <i>Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP)</i> for the development of operating system kernels is still highly in dispute. While the AOP advocacy emphasizes the benefits of AOP towards better configurability and maintainability of(More)
Traditional operating systems differentiate between threads, which are managed by the kernel scheduler, and interrupt handlers, which are scheduled by the hardware. This approach is not only asymmetrical in its nature, but also introduces problems relevant to real-time systems because lowpriority interrupt handlers can interrupt high-priority threads. We(More)
In this paper we present a prototype of the RTSC &#x0AD; the Real-Time System Compiler. The RTSC is a compiler-based tool that leverages the migration from event-triggered to time-triggered real-time systems. For this purpose, it uses an abstraction called Atomic Basic Blocks (ABBs) which is used to capture all relevant dependencies of the event-triggered(More)
There are no reliable parameters for the detection of fluid overload in anuric patients. In 70 patients on regular haemodialysis (HD) or haemofiltration (HF) treatment, plasma ANP IR concentrations were determined by radioimmunoassay and compared to 43 controls with normal renal function. ANP IR levels were markedly elevated immediately before HD or HF (m(More)
The first clinical application of a new extracorporeal procedure (HELP) for the selective elimination of low-density lipoproteins by heparin precipitation at acid pH is described. Plasma, obtained by filtration of whole blood through a 0.2 µ filter, is continuously mixed with an equal volume of an acetate buffer (pH 4.85) containing heparin. After removal(More)
Antithrombotic activity, necessary doses and effects on coagulation and lipid variables of the low molecular weight heparin derivative Fragmin were compared to unfractionated (UF) heparin in long-term multicentre trials. Results of more than 10,000 dialyses are reported. On the basis of preliminary studies, UF heparin and Fragmin doses were used that lead(More)
1) The influence of oral indomethacin on basal and stimulated plasma renin activity in normal human subjects was determined. 2) Indomethacin lowers the basal plasma renin activity in man. 3) The response of the plasma renin activity after indomethacin to physiological and pharmacological stimuli is maintained at a lower level. 4) There is no evidence from(More)