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Development of new wide band gap (WBG) power devices, and among them, of Silicon Carbide (SiC) power devices, has been an active field of research during the last years. Potential advantages SiC devices over their Si counterparts include a significantly higher breakdown field, higher operating temperatures as well as higher switching frequencies. However,(More)
The high-performance computing (HPC) community has been greatly concerned about energy efficiency. To address this concern, it is essential to understand and characterize the electrical loads of HPC applications. In this work, we study whether HPC applications can be distinguished by their power-consumption patterns using quantitative measures in an(More)
Workload-aware power management and scheduling techniques have the potential to save energy while minimizing negative impact on performance. The effectiveness of these techniques depends on the stability of a workload's power consumption pattern across different input data, resource allocations (e.g. number of cores), and hardware platforms. In this paper,(More)
In this paper, we propose a study of the final contours and the prosodic structure observed in yes-no questions in French as an L2. Our study consists in a cross-comparison of utterances recorded in French and Spanish in various settings, and produced by 15 Mexican Spanish learners of French (L2), 10 French speakers and 10 Mexican speakers. In the learner(More)
To the Editor: Group A rota-viruses are the most common viral cause of acute gastroenteritis in young children. The most frequently detected group A rotavirus genotype coma large number of unusual G-P combinations have been reported, and among these is the rare G9P[4] genotype, which was identified in Brazil in the 1990s (2), and later reported infrequently(More)
This study compares durational measures of accented vs unaccented vowels for data of 5 languages (4 speakers per language read translations of the same passage). Results show clear crosslanguage differences: accented vowels in our data of British English are more marked in terms of duration than in data of Mexican Spanish and Parisian French (data of German(More)
_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PROSOTRAN : an tool that provides a symbolic representation of the prosodic events in non-standard data Most of the existing prosodic transcription systems display some limitations: (i) they cannot account for the various prosodic phenomena(More)
Learners of L2 French, be they German or Spanish, produce an extra-rising melodic movement (T*HH%) at the right edge of non-final IPs, whereas French native speakers do not produce such form. From the analyses of a large data set extracted from a learner corpus, it appears that this non-native tonal pattern could not be attributed to an L1 transfer.(More)
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