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Companies define software processes for planning and guiding projects. Since process definition is expensive, and in practice, no one process "fits all" projects, the current trend is to define a Software Process Line (SPrL): a base process that represents the common process elements, along with its potential variability. Specifying a SPrL is more expensive(More)
The field of process mining aims at extracting knowledge from event logs. It has caught the attention of many developers, scientists, researchers and organizations that conform an active and growing community. This has lead to an increasing number of techniques being developed. However , it is hard to evaluate the results of these techniques because there(More)
There is a vast growth of generated event data being collected and stored by organizations. Within the field of Process Mining, this data has been used to discover, analyze and enhance processes from different domains. For this purpose there are hundreds of techniques available in different tools. These techniques are mostly focused on single processes. On(More)
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