Fabian Probst

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Agile Process Management (APM) is an approach to facilitate flexible execution of business and knowledge work processes by linking process models and business rules. The eGovernment domain is in particular suited for this approach as service provision is well defined by law and other regulations. Moreover only few services are automated yet. This is mainly(More)
The relationship between facial shape and attractiveness has been extensively studied, yet few studies have investigated the underlying biological factors of an attractive face. Many researchers have proposed a link between female attractiveness and sex hormones, but there is little empirical evidence in support of this assumption. In the present study we(More)
Results of previous work suggest a preference of adult observers for cute compared to less cute infants. In Study 1 we investigated whether the preference for cute infants depends on the ethnicity and species of the infant. We simultaneously presented two faces (one cute and one less cute) and asked Caucasian participants to choose the infant to whom they(More)
The realisation of e-Government services, in particular in Switzerland, has made limited progress. This is due – on the one hand – to the federal constitution of the Swiss Confederation. On the other hand, public administrations are concerned about the high initial effort and the corresponding financial investments. With the OntoGov system, reference(More)
Recent research suggests that men find portraits of ovulatory women more attractive than photographs of the same women taken during the luteal phase. Only few studies have investigated whether the same is true for women. The ovulatory phase matters to men because women around ovulation are most likely to conceive, and might matter to women because fertile(More)
Infant care often is carried out under stressful circumstances. Little is known about differences in caretaking motivation between men and women under stress. In the present study, stress was induced in 40 participants (21 women, 19 men) by means of the cold pressor stress test, 40 (22 women, 18 men) serving as controls. Participants then rated their urge(More)
Wissensmanagement fokussiert das Management von Wissen, das in Prozessen benötigt wird. Wenig beachtet wurde bislang, welches Wissen der Modellierung eines Prozesses zugrunde liegt. Der vorliegende Beitrag zeigt eine Möglichkeit auf, wie Prozesswissen explizit gemacht werden kann, indem einzelnen Elementen eines Geschäftsprozesses Design-Entscheidung(More)