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Understanding how the structure of a network evolves over time is one of the most interesting and complex topics in the field of social networks. In our attempt to model the dynamics of such systems, we explore an agent-based approach to model growth of email-based social networks, in which individuals establish, maintain and allow atrophy of links through(More)
MOTIVATION Currently, re-sequencing approaches use multiple modules serially to interpret raw sequencing data from next-generation sequencing platforms, while remaining oblivious to the genomic information until the final alignment step. Such approaches fail to exploit the full information from both raw sequencing data and the reference genome that can(More)
This paper presents modelling, simulation and optimization results for a novel SThm probe. The model takes into account thermo-electro-mechanical equations. Moreover, a tip-surface contact model derived by taking into account microscopic multi-asperity contact is proposed and discussed. Results of multi-objective optimization are reported, and finally a(More)
Imaging temperature fields at the nanoscale is a central challenge in various areas of science and technology. Nanoscopic hotspots, such as those observed in integrated circuits or plasmonic nanostructures, can be used to modify the local properties of matter, govern physical processes, activate chemical reactions and trigger biological mechanisms in living(More)
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