Fabian M. A. Muller

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The title compound, [Hg(C(6)H(5))(C(15)H(15)N(4)O(2)S)], shows the metal-phenyl moiety coordinated out of plane with the thio-carbazo-nate ligand by 43.84 (6)°. Important geometrical parameters include Hg-S = 2.3653 (10) Å, Hg-C = 2.058 (4) Å and S-Hg-C = 179.06 (11)°. There is a weak coordination of an N atom of the ligand to Hg [Hg-N = 2.725 (3) Å]. S⋯Hg(More)
In the title compound, [Cu(C(6)H(5)O(3))(C(18)H(15)P)(2)]·C(18)H(15)P·CH(3)OH, the pyran-4-one ring is appromimately planar (r.m.s deviation = 0.0138 Å), with the Cu(I) atom 0.451 (5) Å out of the plane. The Cu(I) atom has a distorted tetra-hedral coordination. The O-Cu-O angle is 80.07 (8)° and the P-Cu-P angle is 123.49 (3)°. The crystal packing is(More)
In the title compound, [Hg(C(6)H(5))(C(13)H(9)F(2)N(4)S)]·0.5CH(2)Cl(2), the Hg(C(6)H(5)) units are twisted out of the planes of the thio-carbazo-nate ligands by 61.49 (10) and 67.79 (11)° in the two complex mol-ecules comprising the asymmetric unit. Important geometrical parameters include Hg-C = 2.079 (4) and 2.087 (4) Å, Hg-S = 2.3869 (10) and 2.3889(More)
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