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For half a century since computers came into existence, the goal of nding elegant and eecient algorithms to solve \simple" (well-deened and well-structured) problems has dominated algorithm design. Over the same time period, both processing and storage capacity of computers have increased roughly by a factor of 10 6. The next few decades may well give us a(More)
The end of play in combinatorial games is determined by the normal termination rule: A player unable to move loses. We examine combinatorial games that contain global threats. In sums of such games, a move in a component game can lead to an immediate overall win in the sum of all component games. We show how to model global threats in Combinatorial Game(More)
  • Ai Miei Genitori, Max Ed Erminia, +12 authors Kurzfassung Mit
  • 1995
Acknowledgments The valuable contribution of many people made this thesis possible. I wish to express my best thanks to all the people who directly or indirectly assisted me during my work. Special thanks go to Professor Jurg Nievergelt for his supervision and his generous support which made this work possible. I am also indebted to Professor Michael Stumm(More)
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