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Technological innovation and requirements of modern production are leading to a significant transformation of logistics. Cyber-physical systems are introduced as an integrating concept for improving information flow from execution to decision systems and vice versa. Accompanied by decision and information systems with an increasing degree of autonomy, new(More)
Computer simulation has evolved to a standard means for planning, analyzing, and optimizing complex systems. Yet, a twofold usage can be observed: as a tool for generating data and as a method for deriving knowledge. The objective of this paper is to outline epistemological consequences arising from this methodological uncertainty by analyzing the state of(More)
Before starting software projects proper cost estimation for accurate project planning and staffing is required. The project requirements, which are normally not well defined in the early stage of a project, need to be considered carefully for a comprehensive calculation. In order to discuss and understand the project requirements, Mock-Ups or Prototypes(More)
Social networks have evolved to a key technology for information diffusion. Consequently, discourse behavior and communication dynamics have become an important research area. However, privacy settings limit data acquisition extremely , such that empirical online content and discourse analysis are hardly applicable here. Since the " human factor " mostly(More)
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