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Cinerean, the extracellular beta-(1-->3) (1-->6)-D-glucan of the fungus Botrytis cinerea was studied. Electron micrographs of the native polysaccharide revealed quasi-endless fibrils with an estimated diameter of ca. 1.5 nm. A particle mass of 10(9)-10(10) daltons was determined from dilute solutions by low-angle laser light scattering. Sonication of(More)
Results of an investigation of the stability of n-layers of barium stearate, cadmium arachidate and tripalmitin by means of electron microscopy and attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy are reported. Odd and even numbered barium stearate n-layers with n=1,2,3.4,5 are found to rearrange spontaneously from a regular film into ultrastructures of(More)
1. Under the conditions used in our investigation, tripalmitin layers of the Langmuir Blodgett (LB) type undergo a spontaneous transition, leading from a liquid crystalline (LB) state to a microcrystalline (CR) state. 2. This transition is accompanied by a shift of the methylene bending band from 1469 to 1473 cm-1 and a shift of the ester group motion from(More)
The doping concentration and the thickness of crystalline silicon solar cells strongly influence their performances. In this work we simulated a solar cell with ZnO/c-Si(n)/cSi(p)/c-Si(p)/Ag structure. The optimization of thicknesses and doping concentrations of the emitter, absorber and the BSF layers were performed using the AFORS-HET simulation software.
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