Fabian Kneißl

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—Creating descriptive labels for pictures is an important task with applications in image retrieval, Web accessibility and computer vision. Automatic creation of such labels is difficult, especially for pictures of artworks. " Games With A Purpose " strive to create image descriptions by harnessing the intelligence of human players. Existing implementations(More)
Linguistic field research relies on gathering data on how people express themselves. Traditionally, this is done by sending scientists to interview speakers and to report on these interviews by filling forms. This is a very slow and excessively expensive process which, furthermore, is often biased. Indeed, researchers' questions and reports are influenced(More)
Fuzzy matching and ranking are two information retrieval techniques widely used in web search. Their application to structured data, however, remains an open problem. This article investigates how eigenvector-centrality can be used for approximate matching in multi-relation graphs, that is, graphs where connections of many dierent types may exist. Based on(More)
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