Fabian H Müller

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The oxidation and reduction of elemental sulfur and reduced inorganic sulfur species are some of the most important energy-yielding reactions for microorganisms living in volcanic hot springs, solfataras, and submarine hydrothermal vents, including both heterotrophic, mixotrophic, and chemolithoautotrophic, carbon dioxide-fixing species. Elemental sulfur is(More)
Thiosulphate is one of the products of the initial step of the elemental sulphur oxidation pathway in the thermoacidophilic archaeon Acidianus ambivalens. A novel thiosulphate:quinone oxidoreductase (TQO) activity was found in the membrane extracts of aerobically grown cells of this organism. The enzyme was purified 21-fold from the solubilized membrane(More)
BACKGROUND The thermoacidophilic and chemolithotrophic archaeon Acidianus ambivalens is routinely grown with sulfur and CO(2)-enriched air. We had described a membrane-bound, tetrathionate (TT) forming thiosulfate:quinone oxidoreductase. Here we describe the first TT hydrolase (TTH) from Archaea. RESULTS A. ambivalens cells grown aerobically with TT as(More)
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