Fabian Gerick

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MOTIVATION Two important questions for the analysis of gene expression measurements from different sample classes are (1) how to classify samples and (2) how to identify meaningful gene signatures (ranked gene lists) exhibiting the differences between classes and sample subsets. Solutions to both questions have immediate biological and biomedical(More)
Allosteric regulation of protein function occurs when the regulatory trigger, such as the binding of a small-molecule effector or inhibitor, takes place some distance from the protein's, or protein complex's, active site. This distance can be a few A, or tens of A. Many proteins are regulated in this way and exhibit a variety of allosteric mechanisms. Here(More)
The construction of a consistent protein chemical shift database is an important step toward making more extensive use of this data in structural studies. Unfortunately, progress in this direction has been hampered by the quality of the available data, particularly with respect to chemical shift referencing, which is often either inaccurate or(More)
BACKGROUND Local field potentials (LFP) reflect the integrated electrophysiological activity of large neuron populations and may thus reflect the dynamics of spatially and functionally different networks. NEW METHOD We introduce the wavelet-based phase-coherence classification (PCC), which separates LFP into volume-conducted, local incoherent and local(More)
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