Fabian Flöck

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In the past few years, Reddit -- a community-driven platform for submitting, commenting and rating links and text posts -- has grown exponentially, from a small community of users into one of the largest online communities on the Web. To the best of our knowledge, this work represents the most comprehensive longitudinal study of Reddit's evolution to date,(More)
In this work, we present a novel approach to detecting authorship of words in Wikipedia, which outperforms the baseline method in terms of accuracy. This is achieved by reducing the necessary word-based text-to-text comparisons, which are the most fallible steps in the process. To provide an aggregated measure of the concentration, we calculate a gini(More)
Due to the semi-structured nature of RDF data, missing values affect answer completeness of queries that are posed against RDF. To overcome this limitation, we present HARE, a novel hybrid query processing engine that brings together machine and human computation to execute SPARQL queries. We propose a model that exploits the characteristics of RDF in order(More)
In the last years, a large number of RDF data sets has become available on the Web. However, due to the semi-structured nature of RDF data, missing values affect answer completeness of queries that are posed against this data. To overcome this limitation, we propose RDF-Hunter, a novel hybrid query processing approach that brings together machine and human(More)
Wikipedia is a top-ten Web site providing a free encyclopedia created by an open community of volunteer contributors. As investigated in various studies over the past years, contributors have different backgrounds, mindsets and biases; however, the effects - positive and negative - of this diversity on the quality of the Wikipedia content, and on the(More)
Wikipedia is commonly used as a proving ground for research in collaborative systems. This is likely due to its popularity and scale, but also to the fact that large amounts of data about its formation and evolution are freely available to inform and validate theories and models of online collaboration. As part of the development of such approaches, revert(More)
For many people, Wikipedia represents one of the primary sources of knowledge about foreign cultures. Yet, different Wikipedia language editions offer different descriptions of cultural practices. Unveiling diverging representations of cultures provides an important insight, since they may foster the formation of cross-cultural stereotypes,(More)
Revisioned text content is present in numerous collaboration platforms on the Web, most notably Wikis. To track authorship of text tokens in such systems has many potential applications; the identification of main authors for licensing reasons or tracing collaborative writing patterns over time, to name some. In this context, two main challenges arise.(More)
In this paper we examine the use of crowdsourcing as a means to detect Linked Data quality problems that are difficult to uncover automatically. We base our approach on the analysis of the most common errors encountered in the DBpedia dataset, and a classification of these errors according to the extent to which they are likely to be amenable to(More)